09 September 2010

Interesting Things I've Learned This Year, And The Clothes I'll Be Wearing In The Next.


This lovely season the über talented Alexa Chung partnered with the fantastically comfy, chic label Madewell to create nothing short of a daywear masterpiece. As I make my way into a new life, I'll look back on what I've learned and move forward in a new skin... I'm sure it will all be made well. (Umm.. did I really just write that. Uh?)

-Always pair the outfit with the shoes no one else thinks will match... trust you, it will!
-Unexpected will never be boring.
-Go ahead, wear the headscarf!
-Big glasses are nerdy. Sexy nerdy.
-"Oh I'm sorry, do I not match today? Wait. I'm pretty sure I planned on that"
-Braids. Braids. Braids. Twist them up, wear them down... just put them in!
-Shop vintage. Not just for your closet, but for your whole house!
-Crafts make for brilliant endeavors.
-Travel! It'll be good for you.
-A margarita is always a good place to start.
-PAMA liquor. Buy some, please!
-Cocktails made with freshly muddled fruit... mmmm.
-New restaurants house new adventures. Try one!
-Meat tastes better than being vegetarian feels. Ha!
-Why have a smoothie when frozen yogurt exists?
-Once you go organic, 4 PLUs just taste icky. Always look for the 9.
-Drinking a cappuccino with a warm pastry makes me feel like I'm in Italy.
-Chocolate ice cream will never taste good to me... no matter how many times I try it.
-It takes two of my hands to fill one of a man's.
-When a heart breaks, you can actually feel it.
-Nothing beats family... Wait a minute, I knew this one already!
-True friends are the most precious jewels I could ever hope to adorn my world with.
-To truly love someone other than yourself is one of the happiest and most painful tasks.
-Age means nothing when you find a friend that's young at heart!
-Always be honest and always be true, and you will never regret what you say or do. (Oh, rhyming...)

Now onward, and in a new outfit no less!



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Walter Benjamin said...

Love the style of this post and oh how I strangely relate!

Leah M. <3