01 May 2009

Hello Again.

Waking up and doing things unplanned, unannounced, spontaneous as ever: what is living life. freshmen year started out with so many things "to do". Now, the only listed thing i can think of is, "spend every moment you can with those you love and make those moments count". of course there are those pesky little things that must find there way onto a list of some sort: get cast in a show, find a job, finals finals finals, bah! i know, but these moments will never come back! so yes, spend every moment you can with those you love and truly seize the day! carpe diem, right janielle?

So, my point? a fitting ensemble for stepping into the unknown. draping, breezy, simply chic with color as unpredictable as the events waiting to unfold. hair flowing, smiles just peaking under anticipatory eyes. dresses and skirts are a must as spring turns into summer. yes yes i know! dallas weather is the definition of unpredictable, but when the weather channel declares 80ยบ highs the sun is practically begging you to slip on a flowing something! this rain is just a phase. right?

Now a quick run around town. i'm arm in arm with new and really new friends as we duck into the perfectly overflowing resale shop gratitude. inside you'll find racks of vintage clothes, cases of costume jewelry, displays of heirlooms; must have nicknacks from floor to celling! you can't help wish you were shopping with lucile ball herself, picking out the perfect hat to top your coif tonight at The Tropicana Club... and just as your thoughts are surrounded by congo drums and maracas you see a vision. a dress that sill holds its own in the modern world. each bead is perfectly placed, the cap sleeves fall delicately off the collar bone, sheer fabric cut to show just enough. dimmer, yet still able to speak volumes at any swanky dallas party. we found it! the upscale version of the easy, breezy look of the day. who knew an unplanned adventure could lead to such a treasure? now off to bed for tomorrow's grand activities... to be determined.