11 December 2009

A New Adventure.

Day 1, Sunday, Dec. 13th ----- 10 hour day – 11.7 pages
8am-12pm : Scene 34 (Backyard – Day 4) – Neil, Travis, Tara, Priest------5 pages

Sunday it begins! I dive into filming my first full length film! Ahhhh! I'm so nervous and excited and happy... and nervous! This is going to be a great adventure.

Everyone I've met so far is just wonderful! We have an amazing director and I cannot wait to meet everyone else working on the film! I'll update with pictures soon!


10 October 2009


It has been such a long time since my last post. Yikes! Acting galore and loving every bit of it! I can't stay long but I wanted to put something up that just made me so happy. Hope it has the same effect on you!


06 August 2009

Boy Oh Boy.

Is it odd that when I see a boy I sometimes think, "I'd really love to try that outfit on myself"?


A sane person would say yes. But I truly think fashion inspiration can come from anyone, any place, anything, etc

I just love how instantly sophisticated a tailored blazer looks. Or how laid back loose shorts feel. Or how absolutely sexy a thin, plain v-neck is. Now, I'm not about to run around dressed head to toe, ascot to oxford, day in and day out! How could I forsake dresses and heels?... I've not completely fallen off the deep end! I just love incorporating a bit of boyish good looks into my day-to-day wardrobe. That effortless cool our guys are able to exude...

I love it!
I want it!
Done and done!

Alexander Wang Tropical Oversized Blazer $625 (LaGarconne.com), Splendid Deckside Scoopneck $68 (Anthropologie.com)

Churches Burwood Tri-Color Brogues $425 (Net-A-Porter.com), Proenza Schouler Leather and Chains Messenger Pre-Spring 2010 (ProenzaSchouler.com)

Opening Ceremony Paper Bag Short $143 (OpeningCeremony.com), Pamela Love Arrowhead Necklace (For Inquiries, please contact: info@pamelalovvenyc.com)

Love love love. Bye!

31 July 2009

Head BaNger

How perfect are these? When L showed me the spiked bands for Jennifer Behr's 2009 Fall Collection I nearly died! THE perfect accessory for a concert, gala, or girls night; Jennifer Behr headbands add heaps of romanticism to any outfit. Prices ranging from $68 to $725, these headpieces are cooked up with only the best ingredients: Swarovski Crystal, Pearls, Silver and Gold, Silk, Satin and Leather!

Oh! And if you're planning to tie the knot, she's got a whole line of hair-ware just for you!


28 July 2009

Deep In the Heart

Nestled in the hills of Texas is the rambunctious, yet surprisingly rejuvenating, city of Austin. The city is this wonderfully eclectic mix of a bohemian lifestyle meets rock & roll. Weekend trip? My sources say yes! Grab a bag and fill it with loose, cool clothing. Throw in a swim suit for a bit of kayaking or a day at Barton Springs. Toss on some shades and head to South Congress for a bit of shopping. Make a quick stop at Snow Beach for a snow cone cool down. Then hit 6th because a hard days play deserves a like-minded night!

Russian Roulette Vee $55 (ModernAmusement.com), Grey Cropped Tank $52 (OakNYC.com)
Destroyed Denim Short $98 (jcrew.com), Sunday Ritual Nylon Bag $125 (ModernAmusement.com)

BenSimon La Tennis Lacets $55 (shopjumelle.com), Ray-Ban Round Silver Mirrored Sunglasses $525 (refinery29shops.com)

Foreign Tropics Swimsuit (ShopNastyGal.com)

Who knows? After a long weekend you just might want to stay. I did!
C ya!

28 June 2009

Curiouser and curiouser!

"I wonder if I've been changed in the night? Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I'm not the same, the next question is 'Who in the world am I?' Ah, that's the great puzzle!"

If Alice grew up to become a fashion designer she must have changed her name to Erin Fetherston. One of the most delightful, lovely, and completely fantastical designers, Erin takes you to worlds and times that exist only in dreams. Mad Hats, Ribbons and Lace, Furry Little Animals... this fairy tail of a 2009 Fall/Winter collection has it all! Ha. And those are just the accessories! Perfectly tailored suits walked down the runway alongside high wasted minis, flowing collars, umbrella skirts, angular hemlines, and a ball gown fit for a White Queen.

Oh, to have this collection in my closet...
A girl can dream, can't she?

Go ahead. Take a peek through the looking glass!

Love love.

26 June 2009


Style Icon.

A lovely artist in so many respects. Style that is superb, fun, androgynous, sophisticated, and free. You have to take risks before you get it right and she has gotten it right all across the board. Love it.


Actress. Actress. Actress.

"Those who are more than women without ceasing to be womanly, everything that is tender, poetic, pure and in every way beautiful."
-Marcel Proust

22 June 2009


Oh the sights in New Orleans! I really am falling in love with this little city nestled alongside the Mississippi. L, my dear friend who recently graduated from Tulane, first introduced me to The Big Easy in perfect cajan fashion... daiquiris, beignets, and laying out by the levee.

Now it was my turn to stroll the sidewalks of the French Quarter with a first time friend of my own. My turn to know exactly where I was going. My turn to say, "You just HAVE to try a hurricane". My turn to know just which restaurants to try and boutiques to splurge at. OH, did I mention this was only my third time there... yup... a bit overwhelming! Ha.

Don't worry. I didn't get too lost.

The city was perfect! Grey stone buildings, iron-rod balconies, and bronze statues complemented the neon signs of Burbon St, brick homes in the Vieux, and the vibrant greenery growing from every nook and cranny the city had to offer. It was like the city couldn't make up it's mind... neutrals or color? A question I often find myself pondering at around ten in the morning when I finally decide to get out of my house for the day.

Now, I LOVE blacks, grays, tans and taupes BUT there is always a necessity for a pop of color... maybe two pops... maybe three... sometimes all color is called for.

And you know? I LOVE that too!

Bye for now!

15 June 2009


I LOVE my friends! I am constantly amazed at their talent! Each has their own unique way of taking in the world and expressing it outwardly. Acting, painting, dancing, singing, screenwriting, playing the guitar, piano, bass, mandolin, crunching numbers in finance, accounting, creating slogans and ads, traveling, photography, politics, film, fashion... I am constantly being inspired! AND each of my lovely friends have these perfect styles that complement their various personality types and talents... exactly what style should do! Right?

Dawson, who I absolutely adore, is my favorite music genius. Listening to him talk about the musical components of a Radiohead song is like listening to a philosopher talk about the beginning of time. His passion for music comes straight from his heart. You can just see it in his eyes, he has so much appreciation for the craft. Such a talent. He also has this wonderfully laid back yet put together style. He, and friend Phillip, lead a band who play covers in the genre I will call 'Southern Comfort Rock & Roll'. Now, when talking about music I am clearly out of my element... CLEARLY. So I'll just jump back into what I love talking about... style. I just love the perfectly un-put-together look these guys pull off.

Oxfords and headbands, plaids and loafers. Something so southern sophisticate yet independently careless. I don't know what it is... 'Southern Comfort Rock & Roll'? Ha. Maybe. Whatever it is these boys are classic. Well, classic with a twist~

See ya!

01 May 2009

Hello Again.

Waking up and doing things unplanned, unannounced, spontaneous as ever: what is living life. freshmen year started out with so many things "to do". Now, the only listed thing i can think of is, "spend every moment you can with those you love and make those moments count". of course there are those pesky little things that must find there way onto a list of some sort: get cast in a show, find a job, finals finals finals, bah! i know, but these moments will never come back! so yes, spend every moment you can with those you love and truly seize the day! carpe diem, right janielle?

So, my point? a fitting ensemble for stepping into the unknown. draping, breezy, simply chic with color as unpredictable as the events waiting to unfold. hair flowing, smiles just peaking under anticipatory eyes. dresses and skirts are a must as spring turns into summer. yes yes i know! dallas weather is the definition of unpredictable, but when the weather channel declares 80º highs the sun is practically begging you to slip on a flowing something! this rain is just a phase. right?

Now a quick run around town. i'm arm in arm with new and really new friends as we duck into the perfectly overflowing resale shop gratitude. inside you'll find racks of vintage clothes, cases of costume jewelry, displays of heirlooms; must have nicknacks from floor to celling! you can't help wish you were shopping with lucile ball herself, picking out the perfect hat to top your coif tonight at The Tropicana Club... and just as your thoughts are surrounded by congo drums and maracas you see a vision. a dress that sill holds its own in the modern world. each bead is perfectly placed, the cap sleeves fall delicately off the collar bone, sheer fabric cut to show just enough. dimmer, yet still able to speak volumes at any swanky dallas party. we found it! the upscale version of the easy, breezy look of the day. who knew an unplanned adventure could lead to such a treasure? now off to bed for tomorrow's grand activities... to be determined.

05 February 2009

les rues de paris

I finally caught it! i was gone the week the flu ripped through our unassuming little campus. unfortunately, the last of what has been going around gripped on tightly to my unprepared immune system the moment i returned. causing me to feel blah all week, this horrid little bug finally upped its strength and utterly took me out today! due to my complete lack of energy, along with being confined to my snug bed, i decided to import a few photos from a great source of inspiration garance doré. she's an illustrator, turned blogger, turned sidewalk fashion photographer extraordinaire.

i hope these images from the streets of paris inspire your imagination. hope to see you all out on the boulevard tomorrow! now, for a warm bowl of chicken soup... sans the chicken, of course!

bonne journée!

04 February 2009

in bloom

although most of the beautiful flowers on our campus have been replaced by shrubbery or the sad remains of what used to be, these leggings are a happy reminder of what's to come. unfortunately for me "what's to come" is a test at nine in the morning! wish i could say more but i have a text book that is calling my name...

03 February 2009

something blue

so, it was my first day out. i'm so thankful the day proved to be less awkward than expected... thanks for that! there is such beautiful color on our campus. the green lawns flanking the miles of tree lined sidewalks. the crystal blue water bursting out of our many fountains. the deep rustic reds of our colonial style buildings. ahhh... and not to be forgotten are the many students donning bright yellow tops, slouchy blue overcoats, funky teal glasses, and highlight green shoes. it's winter, usually the time for deep toned navies, blacks, grays, and forest greens enveloping students in huge coats as we all bustle from class to class. however, only three days into february, our toasty sun is keeping dallas nice and warm allowing this menagerie of color to creep out of our closets and into our classrooms. maybe there is an upside to global warming?