15 June 2009


I LOVE my friends! I am constantly amazed at their talent! Each has their own unique way of taking in the world and expressing it outwardly. Acting, painting, dancing, singing, screenwriting, playing the guitar, piano, bass, mandolin, crunching numbers in finance, accounting, creating slogans and ads, traveling, photography, politics, film, fashion... I am constantly being inspired! AND each of my lovely friends have these perfect styles that complement their various personality types and talents... exactly what style should do! Right?

Dawson, who I absolutely adore, is my favorite music genius. Listening to him talk about the musical components of a Radiohead song is like listening to a philosopher talk about the beginning of time. His passion for music comes straight from his heart. You can just see it in his eyes, he has so much appreciation for the craft. Such a talent. He also has this wonderfully laid back yet put together style. He, and friend Phillip, lead a band who play covers in the genre I will call 'Southern Comfort Rock & Roll'. Now, when talking about music I am clearly out of my element... CLEARLY. So I'll just jump back into what I love talking about... style. I just love the perfectly un-put-together look these guys pull off.

Oxfords and headbands, plaids and loafers. Something so southern sophisticate yet independently careless. I don't know what it is... 'Southern Comfort Rock & Roll'? Ha. Maybe. Whatever it is these boys are classic. Well, classic with a twist~

See ya!

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