03 February 2009

something blue

so, it was my first day out. i'm so thankful the day proved to be less awkward than expected... thanks for that! there is such beautiful color on our campus. the green lawns flanking the miles of tree lined sidewalks. the crystal blue water bursting out of our many fountains. the deep rustic reds of our colonial style buildings. ahhh... and not to be forgotten are the many students donning bright yellow tops, slouchy blue overcoats, funky teal glasses, and highlight green shoes. it's winter, usually the time for deep toned navies, blacks, grays, and forest greens enveloping students in huge coats as we all bustle from class to class. however, only three days into february, our toasty sun is keeping dallas nice and warm allowing this menagerie of color to creep out of our closets and into our classrooms. maybe there is an upside to global warming?


deeda said...

cute! love this blue coat.

you are adorable - can't wait for more posts!

deeda said...

oh...and this is jamila :)