22 January 2010

Set Me Free.

"We grow neither better nor worse as we get old, but more like ourselves"
-May Lamberton Becker

AHHHH!! Sometimes I get so terribly in my own head. It's so refreshing to just clear my mind of all the yesterdays or tomorrows. Having the freedom to begin anew. Nudes and whites erased the former pallets of some designers' previous collections. Simply, they are blank slates of innovate design. With these collections the freedom of a light breeze takes the shape of sleeveless blazers and tailored shorts, an easy start to a new phase in life.

It would be so amazing to fly, to be set free and roam the world. If I was not so in love with acting, I think becoming an explorer would be a wonderful career path. The journey. These gorgeous designs capture the free spirit of an avid traveler. Scarves to tie your hair back and skirts to move about in without constraint, these are the perfect collections to pack on your next grand expedition... even if is just a trip to the farmers' market.

I love individuality. Seeing people who hold on to their dreams, who follow them without restraint, this truly inspires me. Bold prints and vivid colors spotted the runways this season and it could not have been more appreciated. My favorite thing about a fresh start is a satisfying finish.


Celine RTW Spring 2010 (style.com); Yves Saint Laurent RTW Spring 2010 (style.com); ChloƩ RTW Spring 2010 (style.com); Vena Cava RST 2010 (style.com); Marni RTW Spring 2010 (style.com); Jenni Kayne RTW Spring 2010 (style.com); Diane von Furstenberg RTW Spring 2010 (style.com); Erdem RTW Spring 2010 (style.com); Etro RTW Spring 2010 (style.com)

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