17 July 2010

Catbird and Cravings.

So, I took a six month hiatus. Now I'm in a new house (I have a whole room just for crafting), I've fallen in love and I'm learning how to cook. There, I think I've summed up six months quite well actually! Haha.

Before I zip straight to the present I have to tell you... I went a few months ago, but the memories are just as vivid as if I'd unpacked my bags this morning. I finally visited Williamsburg in Brooklyn NY! I'd been wanting to go for such a long time and let me just say, "I love, I love, I love". The day started with the most fantastic brunch: blood orange mimosas, a goat cheese and lamb burger, twenty years of friendship seated around the table... opa, how delicious!


And while I would have loved to join my friends at the local brewery, I just had to explore this rugged gem of an area nestled quietly into the most spectacular New York City. The streets were bustling with hiply dressed twenty-somethings moving in and out of vintage stores and upscale boutiques alike. The sidewalks, lined with homegrown entrepreneurs selling books, records, handmade jewelry, could barley contain the continuous stream of bikers. You could not see a brand name for miles and ahhhhh, what a relief. It made every ounce of that neighborhood feel like just that, a neighborhood.


I stumbled into a store that, as of now, is my favorite in the city! Catbird was filled with delicate baubles for neck and hand that made my head just float away! I'd love to slowly order every one of their pieces over time and, one day, own their whole collection! Sweet, tiny letters and hearts welded carefully onto thin rings; wild, thorny branches that twisted themselves into the shape of hearts hanging on softly bradded chain necklaces. Oh I loved everything I saw, my bank account however only loved two stackable rose gold alphabet rings. A good choice, I think! As I slipped my new rings on one finger and stepped back out onto the streets of Willamsburg, I noticed the most brightly colored and fantastical mural painted up the side of a bagel shop. If I didn't already love this little town, the whimsy of this wall would have sent me over the edge.


Truly the icing of the donut. Ha! Everything about Willamsburg has me craving to go back, and I cannot wait to do just that! Until then I'll enjoy my summer from miles away...


... but I'll dream of an endless summer in the Burg.


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