18 January 2010

Space Lover.

I've been falling more and more in love with the all that lies beyond our world. I'm fascinated by the night sky and long to be somewhere I can see the stars without inhibition. Maybe it's the fact that we know so little, there's nothing to quash our imagination of what might be. In my own life there is so much I have yet to discover; so many fears I have yet to overcome; so many grand adventures I have yet to begin. I feel like I'm at the start of this wonderful journey into the great unknown. I still know so little. Like a scientist's wild hypothesis, I'm able make these grand plans without the fear of being wrong. I'll look up and wish upon the brightest star tonight and tomorrow my adventure begins.

Monciun Moonwalker Skirt $230 (beklina.com); Katherine Fleming Python Clutch $1,300 (openingceremony.us); Adidas Superstar 2 Star Wars Sneakers $85 (adidas.com); Mociun Heaven Tee $40 (jumelle.com); NARS Lipstick in Porte Vecchio $24 (spaceNK.com); IvanaHelsink Dress $260 (beklina.com); Rococo Gold Leaf Lacquer $35.50 (spaceNK.com)



Dedicated Setter said...

Loving the Blog!
Space is cool... especially when you can wear it.



Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

I love that cosmic skirt! Sooo pretty.