26 January 2011

"Who Are You?"

Olafur Eliasson, Moss Wall

I envision the caterpillar from Alice In Wonderland crawling upon my shoulder, hookah and all, and posing the question "Who Are YOU?" to me at various intervals in my life. I feel like at times I really know this answer, but other times I'm like the kid in class who vehemently raises their hand, waving it back-and-forth, only to be called upon with no idea what to say.

I think it's quite amazing that I'm still living in the same body that, at one time, did not even know how to walk! I'm using the same brain that once aced organic chemistry tests and knows that "helicobacter pylori" is a bacterium that inhabits parts of our digestive system. I spent summers in a tiny two-piece, with little sail boats floating across my top, as my brother buried me under the sand and my Dad sculpted a mermaid body for my small, ringlet adorned head to sit atop. I've fought for love and lost, and ran from people who were amazing. I've cried so hard I could not breathe, and I've been so far up I felt like nothing could touch me. I love making things, writing down my thoughts, stepping into roles and staring into space (both the space around me and the space around the world). I dream. I dream a lot and I dream big, but I also dream small... like of pistachio gelato in Rome and unicorn rides. I love mythology!! I work really hard at those things I find worth working for, like my art. I work really hard at my craft because it means everything to me. Literally, everything. I love flowers, bunny shaped mac&cheese and my friends... I love my friends a lot.

I guess I just wrote this to see where I am now. I don't think it answered much, but I stopped when it answered what I needed it to.

I chose to show a picture from an instillation artist who I LOVE, Olafur Eliasson, mainly because his art transcends illusion to vividly speak for art, nature and modern life. I like that, too.


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