17 January 2011

To Just Live.

Artwork Via: romybluemel.de

Isn't it funny, life? I mean that with all sincerity, neither implying anything particularly good nor particularly bad. Rather, I say this with humble interest. Our lives? Hmm.

As I was driving home the other day, I thought about the weather and how people always comment about enjoying or hating the cold. How they wish it were summer again, or how they feel quite fine with the way things are, and I began to formulate my newest opinion on the matter; in the winter I will love the cold and in the summer, the heat. Now this is not because I'm trying to be pretentious or indecisive, but instead comes about from my love of just living, or rather to say, of feeling alive. I love to feel and be moved by things. In the summer I am so moved by the feel of a warm sun pulling droplets of water from my skin as I step out the cool waters of a swimming hole, or the way chilly winter nights pinch my cheeks rosy as my fingers begin to numb... it is in these moments that I find life. I begin to be changed by living.

But isn't it always that way, those who move around you begin to move within you? I so much enjoy the gravity of things. The way we pull one another without physical touch, without a single world, how we are able to move each other so wholly. I never want to fear the uncomfortable, as so many people do, because it is in those moments that we begin to embody that tug. Out of those moments pain or pleasure begin to unfold, but if we are never there then how are we to move forward? If we never risk the unknown reaction of our actions, how will we ever be in control of these funny lives of ours? I want to have moments that move me, sincerely, viscerally move me. I feel without them, I cannot and should not look back and claimed to have ever truly lived.

Enjoying being moved by the things that surround your life.


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