04 January 2011

Listening To GOS.

So, I worked on a monumentally exciting project last year. Literally, it was one year ago that a group of talented writers, directors, actors, designers and all around artists descended upon the unsuspecting town of Shreveport, with nothing more than unadulterated ambition in hand (well we also had a script, camera, lighting/sound equipment and a spaceship on the way). Evan Falbaum, writer/director, has cinematic vision that pours from his heart; Daniel Lachman, lighting designer and resident photographer, can create beauty out of even trivial moments and can truly paint with light ;) ... and now I've heard the work of musical genius composer, Ben Clancy. OH MY GOSH. Listening to what comprises of mere outtakes and ideas has my head spinning!! I can actually hear Getting Outer Space. Please click to listen to Ben's Amazing Work


Moments like today make me so proud to do what I do. I love it so much, it hurts inside. The good, wonderful, even whimsical, kind of hurt. You, know? To put everything into someone other than yourself, someone who is an extension of you in every way but isn't you at all, it's so truly magical... beautiful. Acting seems to be quite a lot like love. I loved Tara and I cannot wait to fall in love again, and again and again. It's what I was made to do. Yes, I'm quite sure of it.

Love Always.

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