08 August 2010

Decorated Images.

Life is full of all these little moments, quick images that shape our worlds. It is how we perceive these flickers of life that create the great tale of our existence, the stories we'll tell long after the initial inception of each memory. What is most inspiring to me, though, is that no matter how ingrained in us each experience is as we look back, we never know what's coming next as we move forward. The things that are so certain and concrete in our lives one day can be the exact things that flood out thoughts with questions and doubt the next, and what we fear can so easily become what comforts us. We decorate each event with such emotion, weaving together all we've been through to paint the newest picture of our lives, and what an amazing ability that is. One singular moment, standing alone, means nothing until it is placed in context. It is how we grow as individuals, how we strengthen our relationships, how we make our dreams come true and how we love beyond all obstacles. These decorated images of our lives, oh how lovely they are.


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