20 December 2010

Moxie is a must.

Red lips, one of my favorite fashion accessories. The dewy contrast between rouge and pearl highlighting your best feature, that telling smile, moxie showcased at it's best. I know red is loud, but it's also playful, whimsical and rather lovely. A playful nature has the ability to intoxicate the world with happiness, and that is exactly what was shared with Miu Miu's 2011 Resort Collection. Hues of hot pink and celadon jumped out from a backdrop of nudes and navies, all presented with complete unabashed fortitude. The accessories were as stacked as my magazine piles and, of course, the make up was very perfectly turned up. At Lanvin for H&M the colors were turned down, but the attitude was all moxie. Tulled tees and show stopping tights mingled in among deep plum dresses and faux fur jackets. Green lips replaced my shade of choice, but with this quirky collection it truly was the perfect pucker.

Needless to say, moxie fills many runways during fashion weeks around the world, but it's also a complete necessity in everyday life. Make moxie a must in yours. Smile, won't you?


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